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Does anyone installed one? Do you think its worth since I haven't heard any members check their engine for carbon buildup? :confused2:
Well... enthusiasts seem to love oil catch cans, but if you read the Civic forums (1.5T has been in Civics for almost 4 years now) .. there is no evidence of notable carbon buildup in the 1.5T engine unless it has been severely tweaked from stock settings and configurations.

Owners who have put catch cans on their stock Civics are reporting almost nothing in the can at their regular oil change interval. It seems that Honda has cracked the code on elimination of carbon build up on their DI engines in recent years. There is some oil scavenging native to the engine design as well as modest amounts of fuel injected to the front side of the valves and that appears to do the trick. If true.. a catch can introduces more possible issues than benefits for this engine.

Anyway... if you head over to the Civic forums you will find plenty of threads talking about the topic in the context of the 1.5T engine.

For a CRV specific viewpoint and discussion... and
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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