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It is annoying for a reason... Honda really wants you to change your oil as soon as the MM alerts you.

If you the owner could disable the alert, then you may well forget to get your oil changed, and then try to sue Honda for giving you the ability to forget about it. Smart move by Honda.. both for you and for them.

They extend you a courtesy by letting you slide until 0% of that is what you want to do, but they do not recommend you do so, and are not going to just let you forget about it, because it is actually important.

As UMRdyldo stated.. if it bothers you... change your oil. Simple as that.

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Turbo needs oil to change sooner then the standard engine. simply reset theMM, Ours is on at 5%, I will be changing it out in another 30 days vs now as the Mileage will only be a few hundred over the MM 750 mi. not to save Money but to extend the time the next one comes around as I may not be around to do it.

the MM is not accurate, want to argue that be my guess. 5K I should be good not living at 1500 mi intervals

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2007-2019 Models

Option 1
  1. Turn the ignition to the first position. Do not start the engine.
  2. Press the “Trip” stem to toggle it to show “Engine Oil Life“.
  3. Press and hold the “Trip” stem for about 10 seconds until the display starts blinking. Once blinking, release the “Trip” stem.
  4. Turn/twist the “Trip” step to choose the “Reset” option.
  5. Press and hold the “Trip” stem again, this time for 5 seconds. The Oil Life will reset to 100%.
Option 2
  1. Turn the ignition to the first position. Do not start the engine.
  2. Press the “i” on the steering wheel to toggle over to “Maintenance Minder“.
  3. Press “Enter” to select “Maintenance Minder(wrench icon).
  4. Press and hold “Enter” for about 10 seconds until it enters Reset Mode.
  5. Scroll to “Engine Oil Life“, then press “Enter“.
Option 3 (Touchscreen Models)
From the Home screen, choose “Settings” > “Vehicle” > “Maintenance Info” > “Select Reset Items” > “Engine Oil Life
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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