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Hi All
For those of you that change your own oil & transmission fluid I came up with a better locking system for the aluminum shield under the car than the push and twist pins. The push/ twist pin and mount will wear out over time and need replacing. I switched over 3 years ago to a threaded U Nut, Bolt & Washer on my 17 & 19 CRV’s and it works great.
The old mount will slide out of it’s holding using a screwdriver then slide in the new U Nut in place of it. You may have to spread open the new U bolt a bit with a screwdriver to get it to slide in.
You MUST use a hand tool such as a socket wrench (NO Air or Power Tools) every time to remove and install the bolt – Do Not crank on the bolt when installing – Hand tighten and snug up with a quarter/ half turn - The mount is plastic so DO NOT Overtighten

I was able to get everything at Lowes – I’m sure any hardware will have these common items
QTY 6 Each:
5/16” - 18 U Nut
5/16” -18 x ¾” Stainless Bolt
10MM Stainless Flat Washer
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Great upgrade for the DIYer.

The only concern though is now if it ever is serviced by a service provider I bet you do may not get all the parts back, as they may drop or lose one during the change. With the standard fittings they just pull some more out of their bin and replace them.
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