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Good question. I would think that only the gasoline vapors would be drawn by the PCV system, leaving the liquid gasoline behind in the oil. I am guessing that the Honda engineers were looking at temperature & compression and forgot about other potential effects. A costly oversight, but it is worth it in the long run to have a recall to protect the brand. Toyota is waiting in the wings!!!
The PCV system in the 1.5T is quite robust, has design features to address the presence of the turbo, and is designed to actually scrub fuel from the oil as part of normal operation.

The only engineering challenge is... in a cold engine.. the fuel would stay largely in a liquid state in the oil in these modern GDI engines.... so engine temperature sufficient internally to vaporize the gas out of oil is a key dependency of the PCV system.

This is an article on the PCV system of the 1.5T in an engine in a Civic Si (which is essentially identical to what is configured on the 1.5T for CRVs): Honda Civic Si 2017-2019 PCV System & Catch Can Development The annotated photos make it easy to understand the different modes of operation of the PCV system in the 1.5T.

Note: the PCV system in the 1.5T has astonished Civic owners who habitually add oil catch cans to their Civics as well. Those that have added catch cans generally find them empty, or only a few drops in them when they pull them to check and clean. This has led the Civic community to largely abandon catch cans.
3341 - 3342 of 3342 Posts