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Oil Drain Valve

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I wonder if anyone uses an oil drain valve instead of the supplied plug.
I tried to get this on Ebay but it is deemed incompatible.
Ebay item # 283097334669
F106N Quick Oil Drain Valve M14-1.5 Threads with Nipple
I did check that the dia of the oil drain plug are 14mm.

Is there a tried and tested brand/model I could use?

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Older topics here indicate that the Fumoto F106 is the correct valve (unless the 'N' indicates a different spec...perhaps in depth of threads).

There are a couple discussions in the SIMILAR THREADS section at the bottom of the page.

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I have used Fumoto valves since 1982 on all my Hondas. Fumoto valves will tell you which are compatible to your car. Go to their site to order.
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