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Ok, took my 2002 CRV 2WD w 185k for long-overdue maintenance (see "pinging valves after 13 years" thread). Due to advice to others on various threads, I had them do a timing chain tensioner replacement (wondering why now). they did not measure the rod extension before replacement, so I don't know if the chain had stretched. Anyway, I had never had valves adjusted, so I did that, and they found some gasket that was leaking oil and replaced that ( 3 major things, plus LOF).
Anyway after pickup at the garage, on way home, it died 3 times idling at the red light. fine when driving, just died at idle. It had never died on me in 13 years except once when ran out of gas. So now i'm thinking I should have learned by now at 54 years, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
anyway, besides 3 non-drivetrain recalls, a LOF, and the 3 services listed above, nothing else was done. Why would a new tensioner, OR a valve adjustment now make the car die at idle? ( It acted like old carbuerated V8s which just needed their idles adjusted higher, but was told this isn't possible anymore.)
Any ideas what's up?
Another clue: before the LOF, right when I arrived at the garage but before turning it over to them, I put a quart of GUNK in crankcase to clean any sludge. Could sludge have broken loose and lodged in the VTC solenoid? Would that cause an idle issue, or just acceleration issue???
I took it back to the garage, but I want some info/ammunition and background to know what to ask when they call and tell my what possibly 'might be wrong' , and spend more money with no assured cure.
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