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This is for a 2004 Honda CR-V, with about 115,000 miles on it...

My mechanic says I need new upper strut front mounts. He says they're about $90 each, and I'm looking at about $500 with labor. I think this is too much - and other work I've had done seems to be on the high side (ie, too expensive) also.

I'm went to another shop, and was told I need new front mounts as well as new struts all around - all four. He said you don't just replace the front ones without doing the rear ones. He also gave me a breakdown for all four that totaled about $900 with tax & labor.

I also have an oil leak near the oil filter. I think my mechanic said it's the oil pressure sensor, but didn't give me a price for it. The other shop said it's the variable valve timing gasket, and wants $115 to fix it.

Are these reasonable prices?
What's near the oil filter that leaks?
Is there really something wrong with just getting new front struts and not the back ones at the same time?

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Thing is the costs vary greatly depending on where you live. In an urban areas prices are higher. Areas where Honda's are rare it will cost more. Also taking to a big chain repair shop will cost more than a small independent one.

Just because the vehicle is older doesn't mean the repair bill costs any less. Now $500 in labor to replace to strut mounting plates is about insane anywhere. Can be done in about an hour hour and a half in my driveway. Hour tops in a shop. Billing hours is maybe 2 hrs so your talking $150+ per hour for labor.

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Please try to have the vehicle jack-wash clean fully then check where the leak is coming from take a good photo with flash light, after cleaning check from top to bottom it easier to find the leak,
Dont jack-wash your car specially the engine area if it still hot, let it cool for a while

The usual suspect of that leak is from here but i don't want to assume yet till you trace where the leak is coming from

15815-RAA-A02 Filter Assembly, Spool Valve (the one on top of the oil filter)
You can change the filter yourself with the right tool (10mm ratchet) and patience (there is a lot of videos showing how to replace this, you don't need to go under or remove other parts only good position on top of your engine, hope you have long arms, use stool to help you reach there, put some gasket sealing compound on the edge of the spool valve too to avoid the leak again)

15840-RAA-A00 Strainer Assembly, Vtc - (the one at the back of the power steering pump or in front/opposite of the spool valve)
you can replace this also if you have good experience and right tools, ask a friend also that can help you, this one is tricky because you have to remove the powersteering pump, belt, intake manifold plastic cover, just to get good access to replace that small filter (if its leaking too only)

About your strut, don't change what is not broken, read and search why you have to replace your strut and if the symptoms replacing it is justifiable then replace it, if not then don't and look for other possible cause,

I had mine replaced all four of them by an old guy mechanic in 2-hours he was a slow poke and i pity myself of not changing it myself (i had my reasons on sending it to a garage but next time i will do it myself i just to invest on a Coil Spring Compressor and good extra Jack and right tools)

If you are replacing your front strut you might need to replace also the link stabilizer, lower arm bushes, tie rod ends as these are all connected to the strut performance and will worn-out before the Struts (but don't change it if not needed inspect it yourself)

Don't forget that if you replace your strut that you have to do a wheel alignment
Tip: i went for a wheel alignment inspection before i had my struts and bushes replaced knowing that i had to change them i tried to get an opinion from the technician and it was a free checkup inspection so it was nice, so the technician inspected all the bushes, wheels vibration "bearing", struts and mounts they he told me what were needed to replace prior in doing the alignment, based on his advise, my self assessment and the mechanics findings i had my decisions on what to replace :D so you can get those too if you have those free inspection on your area


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about the struts I have seen plenty of 2004s with 200,00 with original struts and ok not leaking oil or bouncing or noise from the mounts so are you having a problem like noise or bounce ,now the gen3 crv is a different story they need them at 100,000 usually ,also quick struts are the way to go if replacing them Monroe are good
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