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Okay, had 2017 CRV 1 year..............

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oil does have gas smell, but oil level has not been any higher than what it is after oil change. Have changed oil about every 4,000 miles. Bought it with 18k miles and now has 35k and no issues as on now.

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Spending $150 over a whole year is cheap insurance to protect a $25,000 purchase. And you would need to spend this with almost any vehicle, to the point is really irrelevant.
Depends really.

Since the original poster is observing no oil rise, changing more frequently than the MM flags, is a waste of resources (both the materials which must be manufactured, as well as the pocket book).

In addition, as was recently discussed over in the OD thread... more frequent oil changes, with these modern synthetic oil blends and all their additives, actually does increase chemical wear on the interior of the engine.. in the form of Tribochemical effects of the additives in the form of small incidence corrosion of metals. You can actually see this with higher then expected FeO in an oil analysis test results. Not out of range by any means, but measurable and noticeable.

[More information than most owners need to know about tribochemical effects in mechanical engines, pumps, etc. : Tribochemistry - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics ]

For all the imagined angst over possible engine wear (yet to be proven after more than 4 years of the 1.5T engine in production by Honda and around 5 million in the field) due to fuel in the oil... it is actually the fresh oil and it's additives that likely do more damage to internal parts through tribochemical reactions in a heated moving part environment. We simply do not live in the old age of loose tolerance engines and heavy weight conventional oils any more.. and so it is time to put old age thinking aside with respect to these modern vehicle engines and transmissions.
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