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WOW...this thread evokes some memories. I was raised around the parts business as my Dad worked at Wyoming Automotive, Car Parts (later turning into Big A) and closed that part of his career out at Sidles. Today I frequent NAPA and O'Reilly Auto Parts. My best memory was back in 1979 when I was back in college. I had a 1966 VW Squareback and the starter went out. Stopped by the local VW dealer and they were asking $400 for a starter as it was a Porsche motor or so they claimed. I had only paid $350 for the car a year earlier. Went to the local NAPA store where a guy my Dad had helped train worked. Bought a set of brushes and bushing for less than $5 (I actually think it was less than $3) put it back together and three years later when I sold the car it was still starting great.

Sorry for the thread hijack...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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