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One of the wheel spinning faster, why?

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I have gen 3 2.4L crv with 2WD not 4WD. I raised the car and put it on jack stands. I put the car on drive, the wheel start spinning, but i notice that the left wheel was spinning significantly faster than the right wheel. But after a few second the right wheel sometime got so slow that it stop spinning briefly. While the wheel was still spinning consistenly.

So I thought maybe the caliper was stuck or something. I removed the pad and cleaned it. I tried put the car the car in drive and it's still unchanged. Right wheel is still slow n stop sometimes.

Anyone knows what might be the problem? Is something wrong with the transmission or the differential maybe? Thank you before..
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In any 2WD car only one wheel is driven unless traction is needed on the other side. So this is normal behavior.
Weld up the spider gears. That’ll keep both wheels turning at the same speed. ?
Weld up the spider gears. That’ll keep both wheels turning at the same speed. ��
Don't say spider - yer gonna scare somebody!!!
Google 'open differential'. :)
Yeah I was just about to say that. Welcome to the land of the unlocked open diff.
Thanks alot for the reply. I learn a new thing today.

I knew about open differential. but I thought when both front wheel not touching the ground they would spin at the same speed. Also I want to add more info, the right wheel that i said spins slower or even stops at times. I didn't put tire on this side, because I was working on replacing the PS pump. Oh also, some few weeks before, I replace the front strut, while doing so, I accidentally pop out the right axle. That being said, is this still normal?
seizing caliper on one side?
sorry i see you checked that but it still could be sticking more than the other side if even a little
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