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I just bought a 2005 CR-V 2.2 CDTi. I had a CR-V enthusiast tell me I should generally aim for 2000+ rpm when driving, for best fuel economy and to have less problems with EGR/soot filter.

Could anyone confirm if it is true? In general, when driving other (gasoline) cars, I had best fuel economy when driving at around 1500-1800. When going over 2000 it usually would skyrocket.

I see Serj22 here did say the same 10 years ago in a forum I can't link to because I have not enough posts /forums/76-fuel-economy-gas-related-discussion/4270-what-best-speed-drive-crv.html :

If I'm not mistaken, the Cr-v has always been designed to burn less fuel aat higher RPMs. Lugging the engine will cause you to lose MPG.
Would it be good advice in your experience?
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