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over 100k miles, original owner

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I bought a 2011 EX-L (no Nav) and we drive it every day. 100k miles in 8 years is about 12.5k per year. Average! Just one new set of spark plugs besides regular oil/filter changes and air filters (cabin filter twice). Oh and also one set of Yokahamas that lasted over 70k miles. Just mounted a set of Conti TrueContact EcoPlus 225-65R 17s. Quieter. I wish it came with Blue Tooth. An aftermarket bluetooth integrated with the radio but the microphone doesn't work. Oh well. Otherwise, the car has been comfortable and dependable, as we expected. We plan to drive this car at least another 100k miles!
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Welcome to the forum. You'll definitely be able to get another 100k miles for sure.
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