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Wish I had taken before and after pictures.........

I just purchased a 2005 Honda CRV. It had 5 miscellaneous dings and creases, but fortunately no paint damage.

I telephoned this guy I know who removes dents and asked him if he would be interested in possibly repairing my CRV.

He apparently has many dealerships as clients, and is very highly regarded.

Well he showed up at my work today, and repaired each and every dent, crease, and dimple in my CRV. His work is simply amazing. I never would have thought that he could get out dimples and creases. I did think he could get the dent out of the hood where somebody had pressed too hard while closing it....and he did.

My 2005 now looks brand new. There isn't a dent, dimple, crease, or blemish of any kind on it now. I am simply thrilled.

If you are in the Atlanta area, PM me and I'll provide you with this fellas contact info. He is truly a magician. cost was $150.
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