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Pair 2 iPhones

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2015 - Is it possible to pair 2 iPhones? If so, instructions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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My 2015's work fine with 2 phones. They're Android based, but it shouldnt make a difference. Just pair the second one in the same manner, with the first one out of the area.

One at a time will work, but not both while both people are in the vehicle.
You should be able to pair about 6-8 phones and the system will automatically connect to any of them when you have one of them in the car. I haven't tried this in my CRV yet because I've only had it two months now but in my 2014 Accord, I can even have two phones connected at the same time, one for music and one for calls. It can even be an Android for music and an iPhone for calls or the other way around. You just can't have two connected at the same time to do both functions. I know this is 4 months old but just wanted to point this out.
Pair two at the same time? One for music and one for calls? I'm pretty sure I had one iphone hardwired for music (no BT/Cell/Wifi) inside the center console and used BT for the phone.
My 16 has all phour phamily iphones paired to it. (sorry I couldn't resist)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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