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Parts and Fluids

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Now, I don't always like going to the dealership for service, but I do on occasion. One thing that I've learned by reading the owner's manual and speaking with ASE certified technicians is that Hondas are more picky when it comes to certain fluids. Now, if you go to a shop that employs ASE certified technicians, you're good to go since they can get Honda fluids and other OE type parts, but if you're doing maintenance yourself, here are some suggestions:

1. Only use Honda Type II spec antifreeze (blue, 5 year)
2. Only use Honda DW-1 transmission oil
3. Only use Honda Dual Pump II rear differential oil
4. Only use Honda power steering fluid
5. Only use Honda spec DOT 3 brake fluid. I noticed that the dealership didn't put on the paper that they used 'Honda Heavy Duty DOT 3' for my last flush (per manual), but just Honda DOT 3. I don't know if there really is a magic sauce to the 'Honda' DOT 3 or if it's BS?
6. Only use any other exact fit Honda spec parts

If you don't want to go to the dealership to buy Honda fluids, your local ASE shop should be able to get them, or you can go to Buy OEM Honda Parts | Honda Parts Online - Bernardi Parts

Now, while I was reading my Ford Mustang manual and comparing it to the Honda manual, I noticed that Ford also 'recommends' genuine 'Ford Motorcraft' parts and fluids -- except the brake fluid -- which is a 'High Performance DOT 3', but Ford doesn't say the sky will fall if you use another branded product so long as it meets specs lol; this being said, Fords are picky about oil filters -- use only Motorcraft oil filters. So, I guess all brands do this lol. It really only comes down to meeting the specs... that's it.

Any ASE certified technicians here are welcome to chime in :)
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... I believe Honda synthetic oil at most dealerships is just relabeled Conoco (just like Motorcraft)….
Our dealer uses Pennzoil full synthetic motor oil for their oil changes. I asked about Honda oil and was told that any good full synthetic was ok to use. YMMV
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