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I was wondering...

Why not have a meet in LATE August (last Saturday, the 30th) to early September, or so, down here in the Old Pueblo? It wouldn't be anything formal to begin with, just a chance for Arizona (and whoever else) wants to come down here to have food, drive somewhere, photo opportunities and a chance just to laugh?

We'd likely get together around 9AM or so, before it is TOO hot for some fun events like a parking challenge, photo opportunities, and to (of course) check out each others rides. There are different venues I can look into, such as one central mall (El Con) in Tucson with a LOT of open parking, and a Claim Jumper restaurant nearby for brunch/lunch plus a Target for shopping. That wouldn't be the only option, but the corner I'm thinking of, we would be seen by some local traffic going to the theater. IF the brunch/lunch goes well, then how about a nice scenic drive?

Another option would be to meet up at the park in Littletown, AZ (part of Tucson, kind of behind the Desert Air and Space Museum on Valencia, if you know the area) and do the fun stuff there and THEN maybe to go the museum to look around and proceed to lunch from there.

I was thinking, if enough people would be up to it, that we could all drive up to the top of Mt. Lemmon (with photo opportunities for people to stop along the way) and back down. Nothing off-road for now.

I've also posted this on - Honda Ridgeline, Fit, Acura RDX, Pilot, CR-V, HRV, Element - Information on ownership opinions, accessories reviews and forums, to try to get more people interested.
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