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"PermaCap" fuel cap available for 2015 Honda CR-V?

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I have a 2015 Honda CR-V and love it. I have a medical condition that has affected my hands and fingers and
it is extremely difficult for me to properly tighten the fuel cap after refueling.
Is there any sort of aftermarket "PermaCap" that is self sealing and you just need to open the access door then insert the
gas pump nozzle directly into it? I've searched online and it looks like there is one called "PermaCap" but they don't say that
it would specifically fit my model of CR-V. l
Also, if I installed a cap like that could it possibly affect my extended factory warranty?
I hope I posted this in the appropriate forum sub-section.
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OP is long gone, but after reading through the Ridgeline forums, it is not as easy as just adding the cap--there needs to be some sort of baffle to keep water from getting behind the fuel door. What was happening in the Ridgeline was that water was getting into the cap, freezing the door shut, and owners were finding they couldn't refuel in the winter. Finally after a year or two, Honda decided it was a problem ? and issued some new parts with a baffle that clipped into the fuel door to keep the water away from the cap.

Other manufacturers have had issues with those types of caps also. I would only hope there is one out there that is immune to freezing.
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