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hello all,

i've had this creaking popping, grinding noise for a while now. i've replaced the entire front end suspension, too.
upper and lower control arms
ball joints
steering rack/tie rods/alignment
shocks (kyb)
cv axle boots/pass side (drive side fine)
stabilizer links
wheel bearings checked at wheel/no play in wheel

i've checked and recheck and nothing is loose. not sure where to go from here. the noise only happens in slower speed in a parking lot, for example, to enter a slot. or, coming to a stop or accelerating from a stop. it sounds like on old door creaking, and there's also some clunking and popping. on the highway, nothing makes noise and the steering is solid. alignment tracks fine. oh...i've also checked the upper CA flange bolts as per TSB. all tight.

i know the usual suspects, but...again...all those parts are new..mostly import direct from o'reilly. a couple are moog parts.

i'm hoping someone else has run into this same situation with perhaps an idea of what i've overlooked or maybe can shed light on parts i've used and reliability. all input is welcome

thank you kindly,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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