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I did a lot of aftermarket "new wheel" looking (within the $200/wheel range).......don't recall seeing any 18" aftermarket wheels that were very close to OEM offset and width AND had the same CRV center bore. All the wheels I looked at had a larger than OEM center bore, including the wheels I bought. Most of the aftermarket wheels I looked at came with new conical seat lug nuts and no hub centric rings. The OEM lug nuts are ball seat....ever so slightly different than conical seat that came with the new wheels.

The more I think about it, I guess the reason hub centric rings didn't come with my new wheels with conical lug nuts is, 2 different entities (centering lug nuts vs centering rings) trying to counteract each other if one or the other or both were off slightly.:unsure:
861 - 866 of 866 Posts
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