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pink wire?

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Anybody know what the pink wire that's together with blue speed sensor wire connect to?
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If there is a connector on the wire find where it plugs into, if not then and it's not sealed on the end then you broke it off of something.

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Pink wires are used in several places on those. Need to be a little more specific.
I’m trying to fix some broken wires and can’t find any plug that the pink cable could connects to.( got car like this) there’s a green wire that I know goes to speed sensor connected to same wire strip .(I’m trying to figure out how to upload pic so everybody can have better idea)
Here we go blue goes to speed sensor, but where does pink one go to?


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You need to get a proper wiring schematic for it so you know where everything goes.

If you intend to actually drive that anywhere, STOP using the cheap butt connectors. If you can't solder and heat shrink at least get the heat shrink SEALED butt connectors. Everywhere youve used a but connector in there is going to be a problem when water starts getting in them or the bumps and shaking knocks them loose/breaks the wire.

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Are there any DTC's? Might help figure out where it goes.
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