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Hey guys, welcome to the newbie! (I just joined, after lurking for a while!)

I'm seriously thinking of trying to find one of these. Reason: I simply love this car! I got hooked when I test-drove a 2002, but never got to own one! I also need a good, used car for local stuff, and I'm in snow country. I also plan to add an after-market double DIN stereo, and a sub, and maybe a Ham radio - pump it up...

So... just looking for advice, what to watch out for, etc. My plan is to take my time to find one, needs to be a great shape while not being over charged on price. To me, this means a clean vehicle, well maintained, treated with love... I expect it may have 130k or so miles. Just wondered what I should look for at that kind of mileage. If I were to be fussy, I'd want a manual tranny but, I'd take an auto. Also an EX would be nice. I assume I should be able to get 200k+ out of the thing. I also don't expect to put much more than 10k a year on it - just a local commute, and we have another car for long trips...


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WELCOME. Yeah, MT is the way to go if you can find one. 馃А

Look for a car with NO rust underneath, that has ALL service records (not just oil changes). Make sure all the recalls have been done (drivers side window switch, Takata airbags)

I think you should look in Florida or Arizona...;)

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Rust underneath hurts absolutely nothing. There are few states where you will find something totally rust free. Just dont get one that's rusted out. Few people have all maintenance records as well but if you find someone who does then great. But above all else is having a shop you trust to look one over that your interested in.

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Welcome to the forum! Avoid any rust if at all possible, as it hurts everything. Not just body panels but floor, suspension, etc. Makes under-car repairs far more difficult and costly. The manaul trans was available up through the '06. Good luck finding a nice one of those. I've been looking for almost three years, not one yet, around here. I love my '07. but I'd love it more with a manual trans. I also preferred the Gen 2 body style. There are still some out there, but it may take a while to find one in suitable shape. Good luck, and let us know when it happens, with pictures!

Moving to Shopping & Test Driving section.

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I bought a 2004 in December 2019, and have been really impressed with it. As with any older used car, there are likely to be issues. I found the info at to be fairly accurate when it comes to common problems. Here is a link to a 2004 CRV (in the middle of your range of years);

The only real issue I had with mine was the A/C compressor. I had it replaced in April and everything is fine now (except my wallet--it was around a $900 bill).

I have been most impressed with how easy it is to service this generation CRV, and the overall utility of the vehicle. Good luck in your search!
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