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I recently joined the Honda CRV Owners club.

I picked up a 2010 2.2 IDTEC EX Honda CRV on Saturday, and instantly loved it.

But after 100 miles, I received an error on dash as photographed 'PGM-FI'.

I know this could be a number of things, is this reason for concern. I followed the manual to reset it (start car 3 times at 30 second intervals), and it has gone off. Is it likely to come back or even if it doesn't do I still need to get it checked out?

I can borrow an OBD2 reader to plug in, would this elaborate on the problem any more? What are the most common problems?

Thanks in advance, doesn't fill me with confidence when I have this problem just 3 days in. The chap I purchase it of said the only problem he had with it was it needed a fuel pump rinse a year ago, could this be the same thing again?


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