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Another first for me it seems - unless you know different..
After a chequered history my CRV now appears to be suffering from another problem with major implications!
Although I have played with petrol engines, I had not thought through how the vacuum assisted braking system worked on my diesel CRV - well at least from the vacuum perspective.
Well it turns out that there is a vacuum pump, and it looks like mine has failed - car has done 70,000 miles.
So, what happens in the early stages of failure, well you may not notice unless you pump your brake pedal more than three times at which point you will discover that you have very very little in the way of brakes.
Do you get a warning or an error of any sort, well no!
Not until the pump actually fails completely, and then the dash lights up like a christmas tree and, if you are driving, you have very little braking because there is no vacuum assistance and all of the brake redundancy, dual braking circuits etc. do not make a jot of difference.
Now, I could have been towing a 1600kg caravan at 60mph when this happened........

So, 1 day before going on a much needed caravan holiday, the CRV fails me again and I am lucky that I was not involved in a major incident.
I have, at some cost, kept the car under extended warranty, and boy has that paid off! But the dealer advises that this MAY not be covered by the extended warranty.

I have also asked the garage to finally and fully investigate the knocking engine noise on the idle - this despite a full service history and a lengthy discussion on the correct engine oil after a lesser grade was used and I could tell within 8 weeks of service, by the engine noise. I have always used and will always use Castrol Edge!

So, be warned...

I think that this car and I will be departing company VERY soon and I can guarantee that it will not be replaced by another CRV. Shame though, as ignoring the problems, it is probably the best car I have owned in my 40 years+ of motoring.....
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