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Potential Buyer Feedback: CRV LX 2WD

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I’m interested in trading my 2018 Tacoma TRD Off-Road 2WD double cab for a 2019 CRV LX 2WD (U.S. spec). This is a result of only averaging 15-17 MPG (City) and limited interior space for my new family of four. I currently carry a booster seat and rear facing car seat. It’s tight in the Tacoma, to say the least.

Even though I’ll take a financial loss by trading my Tacoma, I’ll pay off the loan on the CRV earlier than the current loan on the Tacoma, lower my monthly payment by a few bucks, decrease fuel costs, increase interior space, and still have a utility vehicle–maybe even more utilitarian than my Tacoma, if you consider the covered cargo space of the CRV. I own a small utility trailer for infrequent use, so I plan to add a hitch to the CRV. This will allow me to retain some of the flexibility of the open cargo space of my Tacoma. First priority will be installing window tint and all weather mats. With the CRV setup that I anticipate, the only thing I figure I’ll miss from the Tacoma is sitting on the truck bed/tailgate at social events as opposed to sitting in stands or using lawn chairs.

I’ve owned four Hondas in the past, two of which had the famed 1.5L turbo motor, so I’m well aware of Honda’s reputation, both good and bad. That’s part of the reason for interest soley in the LX model. I’ve test driven the LX along with my wife and two children–car seats installed in the rear–and infant stroller in the cargo area. My wife and oldest child commented there was slightly more space in the rear of the CRV. I felt comfortable up front at 6’1”-6’2”.

I welcome any feedback from LX owners regarding reliability, issues, family use/car seats, cargo usage, towing, etc. Please share reviews and photos! Thanks!
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You won't hear much in these forums about the LX because they make up a small % of the CRV sales. If you are going to buy a CRV the 2.4 is a better way to go than the 1.5 turbo. The 1.5 turbo is a crap-shoot for a certain unmentionable problem that "could" result in diminished value and lifespan. Than being said the the CRV would be a great family vehicle and your gas mileage would be much better. Personally I'm not sure why anyone would opt for the 2-wheel drive if you live anywhere where it might snow. Also trading in a 18' for a 19' probably doesn't make a lot of financial sense due to the depreciation hit you will take on the 18'. The fact that its a Tacoma will mean less of hit but you will get a hit none-the-less. A private party sale is probably a much better way to recoup more $'s. The other thing is is if you are trading due to gas mileage you might want to do the math to see if you ever recoup the depreciation hit you will take on selling the Tacoma. If it were me I would keep the Tacoma. Just my two cents.
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Be aware that, while the 2.4 engine doesn’t suffer from fuel dilution to the same extent as the 1.5T, it is a DI engine and does experience some. I’ve had UOAs come back showing >5% fuel dilution on this engine even after extended highway driving. 91/93 octane fuel seems to help so I use it despite the price premium. You may also notice sump level increasing though again not to the 1.5T extent.

My point is that fuel dilution seems to be a Honda DI “thing”; almost a design philosophy. Whether it’s to maximize fuel economy, eliminate the possibility is LSPI or or something else I don’t know, but it’s there and you’ll get no support from Honda if you dare complain. There are alternatives...

Hondas have lots of teriffic attributes, but if fuel dilution is a worry for you don’t expect a perfect refuge with the 2.4.
To the OP...just be aware of who you are getting advice from. The posters who have experienced the Oil Dilution will likely try to steer you away from buying a CR-V. However, the 1.5L in the NON LX trims is the engine that we seem to hear the most reports about, (often times by the same posters) while we have seen VERY FEW, if any reports of the 2.4L engine in the LX with the issue...While the owners who have never seen this issue will tell you to buy any CRV.

Many have commented that they wish Honda would make the 2.4L engine available in the higher trim lines.

Do your research. The Tacoma has one of the highest resale values of any vehicle sold in the US.

Good luck, and please let us know what you decide!
JB in AZ, thanks for your feedback! I totally see your point. Automotive forums seem to be more of an abyss of complaints than anything else. Nevertheless, I try my best to sort through posts without wearing blinders.

You’re absolutely correct, the Tacoma’s resale value is top notch. Frankly, the 3rd Generation Tacoma isn’t without issue. I just completed a brake master cyclinder recall for my 2018 Tacoma. There are a host of other issues plaguing the 3rd Generation of Tacoma. The automatic transmission received so many complaints Toyota released a software update to address the problem, but some owners remain dissatisfied with shifting, acceleration. Rear differentials, leaf springs, vibrations, whining noises, HVAC systems, etc. have also been raised as issues by many Tacoma owners. I’ve owned enough late model vehicles to know almost all new vehicles have issues, recalls, regardless of the manufacturer.
I currently carry a booster seat and rear facing car seat.
I welcome any feedback from LX owners regarding reliability, issues, family use/car seats, cargo usage, towing, etc.
If you ever intend to have more than your two kids in the back seat, then I would not buy the CR-V.

The seat belt configuration in the back seat does NOT safely allow for more than two passengers, particularly when you have a car seat installed.
The 'female' part of the buckle is overlapped/completely blocked when using the middle seat. This is a major engineering/design flaw by Honda.

Additionally, the middle seat shoulder belt comes out of the cargo area roof.
So even if you could safely use the middle seat, the seat belt placement is awkward and difficult to use.

I find we have 3 people in the back seat of my vehicle fairly often (I have 1 kid in a booster, another in a forward facing).
Whether it is taking Grandma out to eat with us, transporting my kid's friend to an activity, ect.

You won't be able to do any of this in the CR-V.
Because of this, the CR-V doesn't make a good family car if you have more than 1 kid.
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I like my LX so far. No overly complicated electronic systems to worry about. I've been keeping an eye on the oil and no issues there (yet). It does have lousy heat and defrosters from a cold start until you start driving but I don't lose any once under way like some others have reported.
The only thing the LX doesn't have that I'd like is the better infotainment center. Mostly the apple and android car play. Crutch field can fix that. I drove one with all the bells and whistles. It wasn't for me. I tow a little boat a few miles and liked the bigger displacement on the LX. The 1.5 with the turbo makes a fraction more hp but at what cost? I know a little about forced induction. This is my first Honda. 30+ mpg. I'm happy.
Lack of more powerful engine aside (since I'm sure the 2.4 is fine for most people; it was fine in my '16 CR-V), for me, the lack of active safety features and Apple CarPlay are a big enough deal that the LX isn't worth it.

If the EX is out of your price range, I'd recommend either looking at a used '17 or '18 CR-V EX or at another brand. But the '17+ CR-V will be better than other brands for your rear-facing car seat, since the CR-V legroom is excellent.
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