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Hi All,

First post and unfortunately not a happy one. I'm hoping someone here can guide me in the right direction. I used to be a member of a Mustang forum and they had a Ford contact to help with any issues that aren't being addressed at the dealer/mechanic. Hoping this forum has something similar or at least a number I can call for help. Here's what happened:

Snowed a bit here in NJ on Friday so I wait it out. Once the roads have been plowed, I drive to my parents' house (just bought a house last month so been a lot of driving between the two). Roads are fine (US highway 9), just some slush, and not snowing. Car starts to rattle hard and I get a lot of pop-up notifications.

Hill start - disabled
Adaptive cruise control - disabled
collision mitigation system - disabled
road departure mitigation system - disabled
tpms - disabled
brake system - disabled
brake hold system - disabled
vehicle stability assist - disabled
Power steering EPS - disabled

I've gotten the lane assist and collision pop-ups once before when it snowed, but the weather was clear and I've never gotten all these notifications. I slow down and decide to pull into a mini-mall just in case and see what the issue is. As I try, the steering wheel locks up. Not completely, but turning it takes a lot of effort. Seems like the power steering is actually disabled. Thankfully, I slowed down enough to avoid a major accident, but I did hit the curb with my front right wheel. I check the car and see the rim is scratched and wheel is slightly bent (wheel or axle, can't tell, it's just not aligned). Pop-ups are still cycling. I take pictures of them all and call honda road assist and have the car towed to a dealer nearby. I come in the next day, speak to one of the mechanics and show him all the pictures. I tell him I had this minor crash because the car malfunctioned on me. He says he'll take a look and see if the car was at fault. I get a call today and he says he can't find anything that proves the power steering gave out and that in his eyes the accident is my fault. I show him the pictures. He says those don't mean anything. Insurance says if I file a claim, my premium will go up a decent amount as in their eyes I just crashed the car. Mechanic says cost is anywhere between 2k and 4k, but he won't know until he starts to work on the car.

So, this was clearly caused by the car suddenly cutting off my power steering. It could've been much worse - I could've hit another vehicle or worse, a person. How can I contact HONDA directly to have them intervene and pay for the repairs. Also worried that since the honda mechanic didn't find anything wrong with the power steering that this might happen again. I've only bought the car at the beginning of summer and it's driven beautifully until now. I don't blame weather conditions because the sensor in the front was clean and the roads were not bad. It drove fine for about 10 minutes before the issue happened. I made sure to warm it up for at least 5 mins in the driveway before driving as well. What can I do and who can I contact? Any help is appreciated. I apologize if this topic has been discussed on here before - I searched and couldn't find. I did find some cases where this exact thing happened to people in Accords in 2014 and there was a recall, but I couldn't find anything more recent and pertaining to the CRV.

Thank You,
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