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Premium Wheels; a dealer installed option?

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I've just ordered a new CRV Touring. I ordered black wheels instead of the standard. My dealer tells me they are a dealer installed option... and backed that up with a healthy $ increase.

What's with that?

Moderator, if this is the wrong place for this please send it wherever it belongs.

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Right location for your thread. (y) And welcome to the CRV forum. :)

Yes, this is normal. Hondas ship with fixed configurations of tires and wheels from the factory. At the same time, Honda does offer dealers addon accessories or styling that can be added by dealers as they prep a vehicle for sale. Honda does not have a program where owners can fill out a configuration list and have a vehicle "spec assembled" to said configuration list. Instead, Honda offers certain OEM accessories or upgrades that can be applied by dealers.

When any OEM approved item is added by a dealer before a new vehicle is sold, the Honda 3/36 warranty will apply unless specifically stipulated otherwise by Honda. But in choosing to do so by the buyer, the dealer is going to charge you for parts and labor to install. Best you can possibly hope for is some level of exchange credit for the OEM stock wheels that come with the vehicle. This is really the only advantage of having a dealer put upgraded wheels on your CRV.

It has been this way for many years. Keep in mind, dealers like this because addons/upgrades are high profit margins for them, whereas a stock vehicle from the factory has very limited margins for them.

If I wanted custom wheels not offered stock by Honda, I would be shopping at Discount Tire / Americas Tire. They have a huge selection and they are an outstanding tire store chain that stands behind their work and sold products. I would be you will find your best bottom line price there as well.

If it is Honda logo'ed wheels you seek, then follow BoostedV's guidance above.
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