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Premium Wheels; a dealer installed option?

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I've just ordered a new CRV Touring. I ordered black wheels instead of the standard. My dealer tells me they are a dealer installed option... and backed that up with a healthy $ increase.

What's with that?

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just remember to GET THE FACTORY WHEELS BACK if you upgrade. some dealer's will conveniently forget to give you the factory wheels when you upgrade. you already paid for those! make sure you get them back. even if you don't want can sell to help offset the cost of the new ones.

i watched it happen whilst i waited at a dealership few years back. a customer had purchased a new Civic and had the fancy 19" black wheels installed with new tires. service writer came in and said black civic, all done. two of us got up as i too have a black civic. he pointed to the other guy. as he approached the door, he could see his old wheels weren't nowhere to be seen. he asked where his factory wheels were? they gave a dumbfounded look as to 'huh?'. he asked, those are my wheels, and i want them, i already bought those. then it was, oh, they must have forgot to put them back inside your car. let me run it back there and get them for you.

customer stood there at the door, speaking out loud, seriously, are they effing kidding me? they were going to keep my old wheels? wtf....he was ticked off for a lack of better words here (NSFW language). i hadn't thought of this as i don't buy wheels from the dealer. now, i would.
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