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primo bypass filter

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Might be a way to remove excess fuel from oil- primo bypass filter has a heating chamber which will remove fuel and water from oil -similar to other remote bypass filters except has this additional heating chamber which gets oil in chamber up to 195 to evaporate fuel/water before returning clean oil via gravity to crankcase.They are sort of universal type fit so you would need to be a diy type or have someone install it for you- I think cost is around $350 -google primo bypass filter for more info and a retailer.
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Don't think it would be a problem as there are many bypass filters in many different applications and most of them use gravity return to crankcase,oil pan,valve cover,dipstick tube,etc, of course connection would be airtight so no effect on vacumn.I totally agree on block heater and would include oil pan heater and probably would use s mode as much as possible-this gas mileage lugging/tuning that almost all new cars use sucks and is part of the problem.I like this remote filter idea as it would constantly remove fuel from oil in small increments even though the oil pan oil temp is too low for proper evaporation of fuel (the basic problem with this engine at this time). Maybe by 2020 model they will have it figured out.
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