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I just took delivery of my CR-V yesterday. I purchased only three accessories from the dealer: body side molding, moon roof visor, front wheel flaps. I bought these from the dealer even though their prices are very high because I wanted to be sure they were installed properly.

But if I want to add other accessories which require intricate installation, such as the auto dim, etc. rear view mirror, without paying high dealer prices for the accessory and installation, are there after-market installers who charge more reasonable prices?

I'm thinking that I would purchase the accessory at a low price online and take it to someone to install. But how to find someone who does this kind of work?

I live in the Cleveland, OH area but will be moving to Bradenton, FL next month so if you know anyone in either of those areas, great but really I am asking generally how to find someone who does this kind of work.

For instance, AutoZone? Similar?
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