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Protective Rear Bumper Cover

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Any recommendations for/experience with a protective rear bumper cover for a 2015 CRV? Trying to cover a bit of unloading rash so the transparent one sold by Honda isn’t a solution. I see quite a few offered on Amazon et al, but reviews don’t seem to be great and most are of the hard plastic variety.

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Is your reason because you are selling the vehicle...or just totally cosmetic for your own enjoyment?
Just cosmetic.

Moved to Accessories sub-forum for better responses.
Thanks. Responses aren’t exactly flooding in so far.
I gather you are seeking something that falls into the black rubber style that adheres to the surface of the bumper, correct?

Example of one for your model year that appears to get pretty good buyer reviews:

Accessories like this is something I would be careful to review buyer reviews before buying from an Amazon listing.. but the one I linked above gets really good 4 and 5 star reviews, and no 1 stars at all, with a reasonable number of reviewers and no signs of the merchant "packing the reviews" .. which is a good indicator. Only possible concern is I see it is a composite set of reviews for this suppliers products for several different Honda models. Actual CRV owner reviews appear to be strongly positive.
Thanks, will take a look.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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