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Hello everybody,

I am a proud owner of my first Honda, 2010 CR-V 2.0i 4WD Automatic. I just bought this car on monday, it has 72k km and it looks like it is in pretty good state (from the mouths of my mechanic). The only problem is that front lights are a bit scratched from the inside (!?) which apparently can't be repaired. I also have to replace rubber that covers front shocks because it is torn on both front right and left side.

I have quite a lot of stuff to research so if anybody has any info's on the stuff bellow, you are welcome to reply.

1) Reading on forums everybody has an EX or LX versions and what not. My version is Elegance, some special edition offered in Dec 2009, with full chrome and alcantara. No navigation and bluetooth. How can this be translated to EX, LX, etc.?

2) I noticed that driving on cruise control on highway at 140 km/h the engine changes gear to lower also at minor hills. Is this normal? Is this due to fact that the car is rather big and heavy, but the machine only have 200 Nm of torque? Did anybody have any success tunning this machine (because it doesn't have a turbo I guess we can't expect major upgrades)?

3) I noticed that auto lights turns on and off also during the really sonny day if you drive just in the little bit of shade. Can this me improved so that it doesn't constantly turn the light's on and off and so on every 10 minutes.

4) In the trunk near the right back window there is some kind of plastic sensor or something. What would that be?

5) I read somewhere that if I lock the car twice, the second time you should hear the beep of alarm. I don't hear that. Second time is pretty much the same as first time...

6) Is there an option to auto-fold the mirrors when you lock the car?

7) I have read the instruction on how to program car to lock all doors when you start driving. I like this option. This would work for me if there would be an option to open doors from inside when they are locked? Now you have to first unlock it (pull with red indicator) and then open it. Is there any way around it (I am familiar with option to auto unlock doors when you select Park and I don't find it 100% usefull).

8) I have read that the right mirror should automatically move down when I select Rear, but it doesn't.

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