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Hi Guys, im going to be picking up a 98 CRV in a few weeks.
The Drivers side Quarter glass was broken when a neighbor of the owner,was cutting his grass. Evidently a rock got thrown out from under his mower,and hit it dead center.:eek:
Im getting this CRV for 500 bucks(Cheap enough..and it runs),and have been looking on ebay for a used Glass. While there are some out there reasonable,I have been looking on-line to get a replacement procedure.I cant find one.
My local glass guy wants 210.00 to replace it.I can get the glass for 75 bucks shipping included.
I would like to hear from someone that has either replaced their own,or observed the procedure from a professional.
Since the CRV isnt here yet,I cant get a good "visual" on how its installed.
Replies greatly appreciated.:)
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