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Question about ambient air sensor

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Hope this is in the right place. So I’m a life long Honda lover and just recently purchased my first CRV. It’s a 2004, pretty plain but it does me well. Anyways obviously there isn’t much aftermarket support(compared to other Honda models) but I keep getting the urge to modify something, anything! So I noticed the later models(05/06 in certain countries) have the option for an ambient air temp readout on the dash. Has anyone been successful with adding this to an 04? Any advice/input is appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum! I kind of have a similar wish for the newer ones with a compass. But, alas, it is not to be. Features like these are not upgrade-able in terms of OEM. The entire dash display unit, a myriad of control modules, and wiring harnesses, prevent it. Which does not, however, mean that such a device is not available in aftermarket form. My '07 does have the OEM feature and it is very handy where I live. I just looked on Amazon and there are tons of them there.
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