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Questions about walk-away automatic door lock

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I recently bought a year-old 2017 EX-L CR-V and haven't quite figured out the walk-away door lock. I know it's an option in the settings, and it seems to work after I've selected it, but at times it doesn't seem to be working. I'm wondering if manually using the lock button on the remote fob disables the walk-away function? Also, sometimes when I walk away I hear a fast beep-beep-beep about 8 or 10 times and I don't know what that's about: it's not that I've left the keys in the car. Any help with this much appreciated.
Richard in Boston
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Look in the manual, it will tell you most of what has been posted. If you are outside the 10ft when the system is ready to lock the doors, (all doors fully closed) then you will get the rapid multi beeps and no lock. This usually happens with the tail gate as it slowly closes. It can also happen if the fob has left the 10ft area before all Passengers have closed their respective doors. You will get used to it. I personally would like the rapid beeps to be louder, but "it is what it is".
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