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Hello all

Thought it curtious to say hi before I start asking questions!! I've previously had forum experience when I owned and modded a Aprilia Falco, now the Falco's gone and I have a 2005 Gen 2.5 CRV in Black. I've already started on the changes, as i do craft/country shows I've had the windows blacked out and currently working on a raised permanent parcel shelf with adjustable shelving, cooking shelf and a fold down bed on the passenger side for overnight stays
I have plans for a few other things.

I'll try and remember how these things work and look forward to a bit of banter and 'fettling'! All ready to post a question....

(Pic is of the car the day I bought it so not showing window tints, just lovely British weather!!)
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Yay, another Brit!

Welcome welcome!

Love the 2nd Gen CRV in black, notwithstanding our GREAT British "weather". LOL
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