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Hi All,

First post here. 2012 EX-L here. I noticed an interesting issue the past few days. Audio in the car has dropped about 50% overall and while I can still play music via Bluetooth (Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.) from my phone, I am no longer able to make calls. The audio during calls is barely audible and when I listen carefully and crank volume up to 40 I hear audio coming through similar to a chipmunk version of the voices I am supposed to hear. I also noticed that whenever the car would give instructions like "phone pairing" or "phone disconnected" I would get the same barely audible high pitched instructions.

I have tried:

-Head Unit On/Off
-Car On/Off (It has persisted for days)
-Disconnect and Reconnect Battery

Has anyone had a similar issue? Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts