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Hello Members,
We take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the Top Manufacturers in the field of car window sunshades. QuikSnap is a car window sunshade for all kinds of cars; Hatchbacks, Sedans, Trucks etc.


Our unique product is completely customized, from it's wire till it's end finish. It is customized for each car to fit perfectly into the window frames.
We have carefully designed and maintained our product. The cloth that used is of fine quality which protects the passengers in the car from the scorching heat. It also maintains the cool temperature in the car and prevents it from getting heated.

Our product has many features :

  • Heat Control
  • UV rays protection
  • Adds to privacy in the car
  • Custom fit for each car window frames
  • Superior quality product
  • Easy to install and take off on demand
  • Easy storage in the car
  • Ideal for families with kids
  • Ideal for parked cars or when stuck in the traffic



Our strength is in our quality and the list of SKU's that we have been able to add to our car list. Currently, we are selling over 200+ car models in the U.S and we keep on increasing it with every passing day. QuikSnap, today, has become a brand which customers ask for because of it's unique custom fit design; without hooks or hinges. This demand has enabled us to add more and more cars to our list of SKU's on our customers' requests. Our customers’ requests has forced us to go Global!

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