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I have a 2009 CRV--LX.
It has been very well taken care of.
It has 98,000 miles on it.
Several months ago I went to the local Honda dealer.
They told me that the rack & pinion is leaking.
They told me that it has to be replaced.
The total for this is $1507.oo

If a rack & pinion is leaking, does it HAVE to be replaced?

#2---Someone told me that there is a major service done at 100,000 miles
And a second one done at 105,000 miles.
Can someone please explain this?

What is REQUIRED by Honda for these 2 service intervals?

A COMPLETE list please...

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Steering rack: For that cost, I'd monitor the PS fluid in the reservoir a while. Is anything dripping on the ground? Any other symptoms (noise, hard steering, etc)?

100K service: There are several services due around this mileage (or at the 10 year mark). If the Maintenance Minder has been observed and all services performed to this date, you will get the codes for some of the services when the oil change is due that is close to 100K/110K miles.

You can search Google for a list of maintenance codes (or you could RTFM). You could also look at the pre-2007 maintenance lists on the Honda Owner Link if you are in the USA at

Some of the unique 'century' recommended services are: Coolant drain & fill; spark plug replacement; valve lash check/adjustment. When added to the other periodic services like ATF and AWD Rear Differential replacement, brake fluid flush, and various filters, it is indeed a fair bit of coin.

You would save money by having these services done at an independent Honda specialist. You could also probably break the services into two parts a few months from each other, to ease the impact on your wallet.
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