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Hi All!

I love my 1998 Honda CRV. It is the best car I've owned ever!

So here is my story, I'm curious to know if any of you have any feedback or ideas: I was whizzing along the junction between the Baltimore beltway and interstate 70 in pretty heavy traffic, and I noticed that the CRV was sounding really odd when I moved up in RPM (its manual) and sounded a bit better (but still odd) when it was at lower RPM. I was planning to stop at the first exit on 70....

I didn't make it. The car put forth a series of sputters, complete with some smoke/steam out the tail pipe and it looked like some debris? and some smoke from the hood.

I pulled over and popped the hood and the smoke was pouring out of an area beneath on of the radiator fans. It soon ceased as the car had stopped. It looked like there was fluid leaked below said radiator fan. A kind gentlemen stopped and asked if he could check my oil, which he did, to find it was almost empty. I added the two quarts I had and then continued to my destination 33 miles away. It smelled like over stressed engine, but the smell declined considerably as I continued on.

I stopped for the night and lined the ground with cardboard to see if anything was leaking -- NOTHING. I took it to an oil changing station in the morning and they said the radiator was empty (???) and refilled it and the reservoir and sent me on my way, along with an oil change. The also suspected that the radiator was leaking somewhere and that it could stand some of this pluggy stuff-- this brown sand looking goo that was supposed to plug the holes. Fine. I drove 140 miles home without incident.

But, I'm not confident something is not wrong with it. I've made an appointment to see its mechanic tomorrow, but I'm not convinced it still doesn't 1) smell and 2) sound funny. The motor seems to be running more of the strange behaviour like before. The temperature gauge bounces around slightly, but it is not out of range. It doesn't seem to have over heated or be overheating.

Anyone have any ideas? Does the fluid under the fan mean anything? Also that was the source of the smoke? Anyone?:)

Been reading here most the afternoon-- great forum, I've learned a lot. :cool::D
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