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Been having issues with my JVC cd player (model kd-pdr80) for the last month or so.

Originally purchased stereo during closeout sale at a local vendor going out of business. Stereo was professionally installed in my 98 Pontiac Bonneville. The only problem it ever gave me was with the USB plugin. Every time I hooked up an mp3 player to it, the faceplate would power off. I took it back to the installer and he sprayed a cleaner in it, but it never really worked. That wasn't my biggest concern, because I didn't have an mp3 player of my own anyway, no big deal.

THEN, I purchased my 99 Honda CR-V and had the same radio installed. Never gave me annny problems for almost 8 months. Played mp3 players no problem.

Suddenly, after much more frequent use of USB, the radio began to shut off. Randomly. Sometimes, it will come on immediatly when I start my car. Sometimes it won't come on at all. Sometimes it will come on for ten minutes or so. Sometimes, it will turn off after about ten minutes. The strangest thing though, is that when the faceplate is removed, or "let down", the Eject button still lights up and it still accepts and ejects cds just fine. I've tried cleaning the contact points on the faceplate, and I made sure all wires attached to the harness were snug.

I am not in a position to replace my radio, but I've run out of songs in my head to sing when it dies! Any suggestions?
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