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rain leak

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Mike in Boulder Creek , Santa Cruz county,
2005 CRv. I have a rain leak on passenger side. Sealed bulkhead seam under cowl- no help. Any ideas?
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If you can dry it enough- clean the area from the top with alcohol, dry well and use some silicon on the whole seam till you can figure something else out. The silicon should peel off later easily enough if you need it to. Let it dry before you drive- may take a day or 2 in cooler wet weather.
If your 05 is like the 1st gen cr-v. There is a fresh air vent on the passenger side. When the drain gets clog with debris, the water will spill over into the vent area. You have to pull the wipers and windshield cowl and clear it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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