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Hello. I own a 2002 Honda Honda CRV EX Model 5 speed manual transmission. I am writing for advise as the rear end of my CRV is lower than the front of the CRV and it annoys me.

The rear end of my vehicle measures 27 inches from the ground to the base of the wheel-well fender bottom. The front measures 29 inches from the ground to the base of the wheel-well fender bottom. The CRV on flat ground slants downwards to the rear.

I look at other second generation CRV's (2002 to 2006) and the front and rear are balanced in height. Mine is not.

I replaced the left and right rear strut assembly (coil spring and strut) with OEM KYB brand complete strut assemblies. (12/2017)

I replaced the left and right sway bar links with Honda OEM Sway bar links (12/2017)

I replaced the front and rear tires (four) with size 215/70/R15 tires. Honda recommends 205/70/R15 (12/2017)

What other components do I need to replace to achieve a 29 inch rear height? I thought a new coil spring would remedy but it has not. I have read about progressive springs, spacers, and spring fillers. I don't think I should have to use them but maybe I do. When I replaced the tires, the dealership did an alignment on the CRV. If any other componets where bad like bushings, I thinkg they would have told me. Would different sway bar links or different arms or a trail arm cuase the almost 2 inch sag height difference? I would like it remedied. Please advise. If I need to, I will furnish the part number of the strut assembly I installed. Someone, please help!
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