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2009 CR-V EX-L (no NAVI)
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'She who must be obeyed' reported that the car has a rattle when stopped in Drive. Despite freezing temp and no garage, I jack up the car to tighten the hose clamp around the catalytic converter shield, only to find it has disappeared. Joined 3 short ones and repaired - no more rattle!
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As the front of the car was in the air, I decided to take a look at the front shocks - as they are a hot topic lately. Left looks fine but the right one has a separated boot and a chunk of (I'm guessing) bump stop laying at the bottom.
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The boot doesn't look this bad when I let the car down, the shock rod isn't rusty or pitted, it passes the bump test without any squeaks or grinds. As replacing the boot is a major job (may as well replace the shock assembly) should I just keep an eye on it?
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