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I started working on a Molle panel for the driver side rear window in the cargo bay. I wanted a place for her to keep some emergency supplies where they are easy to reach like a flashlight, extended lug wrench, first aid kit and more. Using a piece of steel from a double wall oven I disassembled to build a powder coating oven I created a template of the inside window. Then I cut out the shape and began to cut a series of holes trying to keep them as straight as possible. Having a shop water jet or laser cut these holes would be best, but I worked with what I had (angle grinder, jigsaw and Dremel tool, files and wire brushes). I bent some light gauge straps and using the upper seat belt bolt and lower cargo hook screw, attached the straps and panel inside. I need to create a lower strap using a heavier gauge aluminum to make it a little more sturdy. My powder coating oven isn't completely setup yet as I still need to wire in a 220 outlet into the garage, so I'm just going to paint the panel and straps.



If there's enough interest (20+ people) I can contact an online shop to produce the panels then powder coat them myself to sell as a kit.
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