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RE4 replace hydraulic steering with electric powered rack

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Hi, I am wondering if I can replace my hydraulic steering rack on RE4 2007 with Chinese aftermarket electric steering rack? If so, what do I need to check for?
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You could upgrade to Honda OEM EPS but I'm not sure if it worked as it might be necessary to connect it to the control systems.

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It will help if we knew exactly why you contemplate making the switch. Removing the PS reservoir won't significantly increase HP / torque in your K24A engine. What you plan to do will be the start of the domino process. i.e. first one thing, then another, then another, then .... Everything below is based on the assumption you have a leaking PS unit.

First of all, check any vehicle forum for owner experience with aftermarket parts. Yeah, there are reputable aftermarket products out there, but traveling @ 130kph is not the time to discover that the one you purchased is not among that group.

Second, the electronic PS [EPS] works with other features in your vehicle. The electronic differences between then and now are immense. Here is what Honda said about their EPS back in 2006: Where More Is Less: Honda's New Electric Power Steering. Does your present vehicle computer have the necessary input switches to receive information from the EPS unit & then control what the EPS unit does?

Third, if your present PS leaks, you have several options: 1.] know your fluid levels & continue to add fluid as necessary, but eventually the leak will become fatal for both the unit or perhaps the vehicle occupants; 2.] purchase a reputable PS repair kit to correct the problem, as many YouTube videos exist which show how to repair leaking PS units; 3.] change out the leaking part/parts - reservoir, hydraulic hoses, rack, steering box. Cleaning the outside surfaces of your PS system should indicate exactly where the leak is. As with any fluid, the origin of the leak may not be where you notice the drips.

For all these reasons, my advice is to leave well enough alone.
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