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The following rules make this a better place for everyone:

Show Courtesy and Respect to Other Members

Every member here deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect. Personal attacks, and/or arguing will not be allowed. Treat other members the same way that you would want to be treated.

Posts that contain flames, profanity, personal attacks, and/or arguing will be deleted and your access to the forum may be terminated. Cussing, racial & sexual slurs, and just all-around inappropriate words are not allowed. We have a word filter in use here to help control these. Do not attempt to work around it.

If you have an issue with a member, try to work it out via PM/Conversation in a CIVIL fashion. The best thing you can do when you see a post that's out of line is "Report, don't Reply."

Trolling, Baiting, and Sarcasm
These are some really bad ones. They are some of the worst things we deal with. Basically, these are all posts with the intent to cause trouble and will not be allowed. Sometimes these are hard for the staff to recognize. Please follow the "Report, don't Reply" rule here.

Trolling, Baiting, and Sarcasm in Signatures
It's sad when we see members using their signatures to attack, or agitate other members. If we see something we don't understand or don't like it will be removed. Warnings/Infractions may apply

This is a simple term we use when a member voices his opinion over, and over, and over,.........You get the picture. Cheerleading can be negative or positive. We do our best NOT to limit your discussion, but Please bear in mind that repeating the same thing multiple times can get annoying to members and Staff.

Keep your posts on topic
We're all busy people and nobody wants to spend time wading through lots of purposeless and/or un-needed posts. If you want to go off-topic start a new thread in the appropriate forum.

"Filler" posts, were nothing is entered, or a simple emoji/image has been used with no text, substance or relevance will also be removed without warning as these do not contribute to discussion without context.

Choose your text Wisely
In our "text" only world it is easy to read between the lines. The use of the proper text, smilies, and spell checkers is strongly recommended. Use paragraphs!! People often find it harder to read giant slabs of text with no breaks in them. Before hitting the enter button reread your post a couple of times if needed. Is it actually saying what you want to say?

Also, do not write in capital letters. This is considered rude / appears as if you are shouting. Posts with ANY all-caps content will be removed without warning in their entirety.

When starting a new thread make sure your thread title gives the other members an Idea of what the thread is about.
This will make it easier for members to find and respond to your question or comment. Make sure you offer information and detail, include photos of the issue if possible.

Do not start multiple threads with the same information or bump old threads.
This is called cross-posting and they will be deleted. Members and moderators alike grow tired of reading the same post in multiple forums and it wont get your question or query answered any faster - but you will antagonise those who see the same post over and over again in several threads. For the same reasons do not post the same exact content in multiple threads or bump old threads where the original poster has not been online for an extended period of time. Threads where the original poster has not been online for 12 months or more should not be "bumped" as its likely such members have gone/left/moved on. Any bumped threads 12 months or older will be locked and the "bumped" post deleted without notice or warning.

"Bumping" old threads makes searches dredge up old results, often where the original poster has long since vanished, therefore newer members then cannot find newer threads with newer responses from forum members who are still active. Use the "Search" feature and you can find what you are looking for. If in doubt, post a new thread - if there is a duplicate or recent thread along the same topic, Moderators will merge them together for ease of reference.

Locked Threads
There may well be times where discussions veer off-topic/gets heated/insulting et al (for example) and need to be closed. If a Moderator closes such a thread, then you are not permitted to post another thread on the same topic that has been closed. As noted below - In no way, shape or form do we allow you to complain/debate/challenge Moderator decisions in public. If you do, sanctions will apply.

Take a few minutes to look over the forum headings and the content before posting.
This will allow you to put your threads in the best location, and to make sure there isn't already a thread going about your particular issue. This also allows other members looking for the same information to find the post easier, and reply accordingly.

Links to your Clubs, Associations, etc.
Although we allow Links to your "special" sites, we ask that you post the relevant information here also. Some members would simply rather not leave our site. Also if the information is here we do not have to worry about a dead link issue later.

A good example would be posting Information or answering a question on a Club Event or a Dyno Day here and then adding "For more information visit The CRVOC Members Region. These links still have to meet our Vendor Conflict Rules.

eBay Links / Esty Links / Amazon Links / AliExpress et al Links
Links to eBay are ONLY allowed if they are not in conflict with our supporting Vendors. They must also NOT be a listing of the members and must have some relevance to the post or forum they are in. No Ebay or Etsy, Amazon, AliExpress or similar links allowed in the Trading Section.

Links to unofficial software or other third party/personal content is strictly prohibited.

Asking people to join your personal social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/YouTube and others - this list is not exhaustive) is prohibited and such content will be removed. First infractions will remove the prohibited link(s) and you'll receive no additional warnings. Further transgressions will result in Moderator sanctions against you such as a ban.

Moderators will remove these social media links without warning and you are NOT permitted to discuss why in ANY part of the sites forum areas.

Special Restrictions
From time to time we run on to links and content that just aren't allowed here or have been covered extensively and do not serve any purpose being re-started. Banned members, private sites, inappropriate content, etc., etc.

We cannot list this info individually as it is continually changing, but we will inform you as we see it. An example of this is the oft-discussed oil dilution issues on the 5th Generation CR-V 1.5 Turbo model. As this saga has ended thanks to a fix from Honda, discussions on this or other topics will be restricted or removed - there is no recourse to challenge this. Going against Moderator decisions or the Site Rules means you will be sanctioned and any offending threads will be removed without warning or notice.

Keep Posted Links Relevant and "Clean"
Do not post links to adult sites/content, etc. Posts with those kinds of links will be removed from the forum and your access to the forum may be terminated. Posted links should be relevant to the thread they are posted in. Do not use swear words either. Moderators will remove such text or entire posts and sanction members without notice.

This is an automotive forum. Any off topic discussions on politics, religion, elections or anything that is not related to the Honda CR-V Owners Club will be removed without notice and offending members will be sanctioned - again, without notice.

Keep Usernames, Avatars and Pictures Relevant and "Clean"
If you include a picture in your post, please make sure it's relevant to your post. Unnecessary graphics just slow things down for everyone. Posts and Garages with adult graphics will be removed from the forum and your access may be terminated. This is an automotive forum - political avatars will be removed without notice too. Same applies to usernames.

Keep Personal Information Private
Never post personal information such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, etc. This goes for yours and/or someone else's. If you do decide to disclose personal information to someone, send it in a PM. Posts containing personal information will be edited or removed from the forum.

Donation Threads
Donation threads are rarely allowed and must be approved by the Staff prior to posting them.

Do Not Post Ads in any of the Sections unless noted
This goes for members and vendors both. We intend to keep CRVOC threads free from posts containing ads and/or pricing. Posts with advertisements will be deleted.

Members that meet the requirements are allowed to post their ads in the Trading Post only.

Vendors are allowed to make product announcements, without pricing, in the technical forums as long as they have technical content. Posts with pricing should be made in the Vendor Member section.

Show Courtesy and Respect to OUR Vendors
Remember that they pay for your privilege of being here. Because of this, we do not allow links and/or contact information to non-supporting vendors. We also ask that you give them the same respect as a regular member.

We have a Comments forum where you can post good or bad feedback for them as long as there is no flaming.

Ride Of The Month (RotM)
This can be found here. Please note, comments about submissions are not permitted. Comments/discussion can be added here. All other comments will be removed without notice or warning as the RotM monthly threads are for competition submissions, not discussions.

Last but not least, "I GOT MODERATED!"
If and when you get moderated, remember that we are people too.

And if you start a thread discussing why your last thread was locked etc, then Moderators will lock / delete without notice or warning and you may be sanctioned for failing to abide by the Site Rules.

In no way, shape or form do we allow you to complain/debate/challenge Moderator decisions in public. Not in a thread and not in a signature. This has always proven to be counter-productive in the past. It is not permitted and any such threads will be locked / removed without notice and you may be sanctioned for failure to abide by the Site Rules.

We also have a pretty good idea of what it takes to keep things running smoothly around here, BUT if you feel you were wrongly moderated, contact the moderator that did it and talk to them with respect. Work with them to try and understand the reason. If you still find you have issues then contact a member of the Admin Staff.

Please note - these Site Rules are continually updated to improve the forum for all members.
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