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I can't believe I still have my 2002 Honda CRV - but it keeps going!
Here is an FYI for the door striker top hatch screw:

It gets loose but please don't let it fall off!!!! It is attached to a rear plate that can rotate/swivel. If the top and lower screws get loose and one falls off like it did for me, it is a pain to get back on.
You need to take off the rear interior plastic panel. This means, take out the table, pop off the plastic "step" cover. Take off the tie down hook and first hook on top. You can then pry the panel off, but not all the way. This will allow you to stick your hand through a small space and reach up and try to swivel the back panel back up so the screw can go it. It took long time and I had to try and loosen the bottom screw and try to swivel the outside striker as well in an effort to make the panel swivel.

I got it done but it took over an hour. So put loctite or something on those screws if they come loose.
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