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Hey all, new 98 CRV owner here. Found one on craigslist for my teenage daughter, and fell in love! My wife said - not fair. She was in a 95 Odyssey. Sold it and got her a 98 CRV also. Now I have 2!

Japanese Jeeps! Awesome...;-)

They both needed the rear window latch replaced - not hard to do. One of them won't release the rear window when the dash button is pressed. Is it the switch or the actuator in the tail gate. How do I test the actuator (correct word for this part?)? Do I take it out, or can I apply some voltage to it? Can I make a tester with a hand-tool battery?

I'm guessing if I can apply voltage and it works, then it's a bad switch in the dashboard, and if that's the case, how do I change that?

Has anyone had this problem? What steps did you take to troubleshoot it, what was the outcome, what tips can you give me?

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