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Rear wiper activates automatically in reverse on 2019 LX

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Yesterday it was drizzling and I had the front wipers on the intermittent setting. There's no adjustment for the frequency on this setting in the LX. The rear wipers were OFF completely.

While parallel parking, I noticed when in reverse, the rear wiper will also sweep across the glass intermittently.

Can I disable this easily? It's not a big deal, but I don't like wipers activating automatically. I like to control everything the car does.
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Great, so for people who maintain their wiper inserts, it's there to save those who can't save themselves. For people who are even less capable of taking care of themselves or their cars, it will scratch the glass when someone's wiper insert is so worn that it has practically disintegrated.

When I first noticed it, I genuinely believed there was something wrong with the wiper module and/or motor. Only when I allowed it to continue and I noticed a pattern did I realize it was an intended design.

A light drizzle might necessitate moderate usage of front wipers without any need to activate the rear. In fact, some people might never use the rear wiper and never bump into anything as a result. I'm not one of these people, but I find the rear wiper is not all that relevant to safe operation of the vehicle. It's more a novelty to me than anything else.

I find all these new safety features to be much more invasive, inconvenient, and completely unnecessary than useful. I'm so glad I didn't get the SensingSuite or whatever they call it on my 2019 LX.

End result is I'm going to use my front wipers LESS frequently than I otherwise would. Perfect example of unintended consequences and the addition of a so-called "safety" feature backfiring and actually resulting in a more dangerous driving condition that was created by designers who want to drive my vehicle for me even though they'll never meet me or come anywhere near my specific vehicle. Great! :rolleyes:(n) Also see: self-fulfilling prophecy.

All this collective societal movement towards catering to the lowest common denominator is going to lead to the doom of humanity. Nature and evolution never intended for even the worst seeds to survive and reproduce. Someone who doesn't know how to activate a simple windshield wiper switch should not be making babies!

"We have problems caused by technology and we try to solve them with more technology." - George Carlin
Nice, full blown rant! Don’t know how I missed it. Bad day at the office ? Rear wiper automatically activating shouldn’t set you off.

Obviously you like the car to do things automatically, for you, right? Don’t you enjoy that the car automatically turns on lights when you open the doors? Sparks the plugs at the right time for you, or would you rather manually press a button thousands of times a second to give you manual control?
self canceling directionals...crazy.. who needs it other than lowlifes?

Point is, you already enjoy automotive automation. Problem is, who decides what is useful, you? I guess best compromise for something like this would be for Honda a to make it a setting you could set your preference to on the touchscreen.
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