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Yesterday it was drizzling and I had the front wipers on the intermittent setting. There's no adjustment for the frequency on this setting in the LX. The rear wipers were OFF completely.

While parallel parking, I noticed when in reverse, the rear wiper will also sweep across the glass intermittently.

Can I disable this easily? It's not a big deal, but I don't like wipers activating automatically. I like to control everything the car does.
This is a normal feature. I have a Gen 2 Fit (2010) that did the same thing and I freaked at first. I knew the switch was off but the wiper turned on when I reversed (fronts were on). After I read the owner's manual (I had to download it from Honda as it didn't come with one), it described that operation so it was designed that way. I bought the car used so didn't read the manual at the time. If I bought it new, I'd read the manual from cover to cover.
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